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by the tunowllng all of 8. Born global firms are characterized a. Large MNE that undertakes early and substantial internationalization. b. Primarily a niche player, often based on a significant technological innovation High degree of entrepreneurial orientation, proactive strategies, and customer service or conceptual breakthrough c. d. Fastest growing segment of exporters in most countries e. NONE of the above. ALL of these characterize born global firms. Each of the following is one of the three major types of cross-border transactions EXCEPT 9. a. foreign direct investment b. exporting or importing products c. exporting or importing services d. local economic development e. This is a trick question. There are actually four major types of cross-border transactions and all of these are correct 10. Each of the following is true of distribution channel intermediaries EXCEPT they connect focal firms with the end users in foreign markets they assist the focal firm by providing logistics services such as warehousing and customer support they are based either in the home country or the foreign market. they facilitate services that the focal firm requires in cross-border transactions such as banking, legal advice and advertising NONE of the above. All of the above are true of distribution channel intermediaries a. b. c. d. e. International business IB210
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