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investigation br the U.S. Natons! Highmtly Timc 5arety Administration. Two consumers rep。 that their cars, assembled in Alabama, had defective steering systerns. The problem appared to som fomるsingle assemby mistie: Dolts werent being connected to the steering column comectly. 9. Major unce pis i mdnagemen(Connect, Perform An editorial in The cunbo supoests that the action sthould sond an lam for Hyuncai, citing Toyatas massire recal and reauting sakes Compiate the sonevnces becow wth the comect cem. A quest lecturer in a management cass holds echniue works in all situetions but similer responses can be upplied to cmmon problerrs when she says that no mansgement market was steadly increasina and that theri had bian another, rKall cd 46,0 0 Hyundai tas·ih fi.ltY front la erena notices that changes in one nto suvount when she makes deusions at the arganization attact ather aspects at the business, and she needs to take thesa ettects Repid expansion gets in the way ot quelity contro O Qualty control is necessary tor rapid expansion The Tather at total quaity management was Rapid expansion is necessary for quality control At Harley-Davidson, the workers ㄾho assemble motarcydes are allowed to stop the production line at any time to address a prablem. tn total quality management, giving workers a say in making quelity den is example of Researchers who study total aalty management have criticaed อ ก.rter of things a00ut the technique ànd the way, itis mplemenced in corporations Read the folnwing raial and anower the uesrions that aow. Trmplemerrng totsl qusiry management mey consume rescurcesths-sould onheni5色 e drected Tward-roduction of goods and Hyundai: Rising Sales, Falling Quality? 2010, Hyundai Motor Company achieved a 4,6 share otth@ U.S. auto market, but it was torced to recall almost 140,000 Sonatas arter an glacted defective steering systems. The problem appeared to stem from a simple assembly mistake: Bots werent beng connected to the steering

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