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Is America a “color blind” society in which all of its citizens can fully participate with equal opportunity, or is it marred by individual, institutional, and systemic racial discrimination?

It may be helpful to consider: the influence of racial ideologies, from the turn of the twentieth century through the early twenty-first century; inclusion, exclusion, and social, educational, and residential segregation; ethnicity and assimilation; white identity and cultural pluralism; race and politics; the post-Civil Rights period; multiculturalism. Institutional means institutions, like educational, governmental, or military institutions, while systemic means systems, like the legal, criminal justice, economic, or political system. Regarding the relationship between institutional and systemic, consider how slavery, as an institution, supported a particular system, the plantation economy; how the Bureau of Indian Affairs, as an institution, supports the reservation system; and how the Federal Housing Administration, as an institution, supports the private real estate market.

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