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is normal. Fi the average durabälity of the Z brand sar tires is 25000 k time of the deviation is 2000 km. The distribution of kilometres ofthe tires with the lowest durability and 2.5% usage and 1.5% of production. 2. The dstibtion ieec of intelligence scores of 350 students corresponds to normal onsidering the arithmetic mean of the distribution is 100.6 and the 2. The distribution is 12.5; a) How many b) How people are there with the intelligence points above 118 and below 90 many people are there under the score of 110? 3. Out of 2000 families with 4 children each how many would you expect to have a) No girls? b) At least 1 boy e) 1 or 2 girls d) 2 boys Assume that 220 wrongly printed words are spreading in 200 pages. Calculate the probability for one page for: a) Not containging any wrongly printed word. b) Containging one wrongly printed word. 4. c) Containging 2 or more wrongly printed words. -cx, 0sxs1 0, oterwise 5. Find the constant c such that the function fix a) Is a density function and b) compute E(x)=? c) P(l< X< 2)-?
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