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Is there a relationship between total team salary and team performance in a sport such as professional basketball? To answer this question we will examine the number of wins and total team payroll in a recent season for all the teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The data are in this Excel file. (SEE DATA BELOW)

Question 1. Let the x-variable be the team payroll and let the y-variable be the team wins. Find the intercept b0 and slope b1 of the least squares prediction line (Wins)^^^ = b0 + b1*Payroll.

Question 2. If an NBA team spent an additional $11.9 million in team salary, how many more games could the team expect to win? (Use 1 decimal place in your answer).

Question 3. Suppose a basketball team spent $115 million on salaries and won 46 games. What is the residual for this basketball team? (use 2 decimal places in your answer)

1 All payrolls are in millions of dollars 2 Recent BASEBALL Team Payrolls and Wins Recent BASKETBALL Team Payrolls and Wins Team Cleveland Cavaliers Recent FOOTBALL Team Payrolls and Wins Teams Payroll Wins Team Boston Celtics 98.285 196.39 91 New York Yankees New England Patriot: 180.07 13 7 Denver Nuggets New York Jets Houston Rockets padres 69.624 Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Dallas Mavericks 14 Seattle Mariners 15 Chicago Cubs 16 Atlanta Braves 17 Milwaukee Brewers 63.061 86 18 Toronto Blue Jays Atlanta Hawks Phoenix Suns Miami Chicago Bulls 94.818 Heat 89.425 20 Minnesota Twins 21 St. Louis Cardinals 22 Oakland Athletics 23 Texas Rangers 24 Houston Astros Detroit Pistons Indiana Pacers Charlotte Hornets Milwaukee Bucks Broo Toronto Raptors 94.430 Atlanta Falcons 96.040 帡#### 59 Houston Texans o White Sox Miami Dolphins Grizzlies 30 Baltimore Orioles 95.807 0.065 Washington Los Angeles Clippers Sacramento Kings 32 Pittsburgh Pirates 95.628 27 38Question 4. All teams have a goal to make the postseason playoffs. A basketball team thinks that it can make the playoffs next year if it wins 11 more games. How much should the basketball team increase its payroll if it wants to make the playoffs next year? Note: Use 2 decimal places. Your answer should be in units of $1 million; do NOT include a dollar sign in the answer; for example, if a team should increase its payroll by $5,250,000, then the answer is 5.25.

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