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Question: is there anyway i can send you the fmb toolkit...

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Is there anyway i can send you the fmb toolkit or you dont need it ? 

          1. Paul would also like the team to attend a “First Home Buyer” event in hope to gain some new business. Your role is to determine what tasks would be allocated to whom within the business to get set up and have enough people on your stand throughout the day. The following answers are ‘free thinking’ questions and thus the learner guide or assessment may not contain the answers. 

Not everyone needs to be involved but, you would like to ensure all the brokers get the opportunity to attend the event. Consider the variables and write down the tasks/ requirements into the planning table below in order of priority. Your task should be based on looking at the skills of all staff in the office (as detailed in the FMB Assessment Toolkit).

The event is happening at the Melbourne Convention Centre in two months’ time and you have been advised that any items for the stand must arrive two days beforehand.

  • Organise for marketing materials, prizes and banners for stand
  • Setting up the stand
  • Packing up the stand after the event 
  • Maximum of two staff to attend the event (at any one time) and be on the stand per session 9am to 12pm & 1pm to 5pm. You should consider having different personality types to ensure that sales are being made consistently.
  • Organise the courier to pick up the marketing materials for delivery to the venue




To be completed by






















        1. All of your team members did really well in achieving some good interest at the event.
          To prove that you value their efforts and to offer encouragement for future tasks, you have decided to provide rewards.  Explain ways in which you could reward individual and team efforts.


        1. You really want your team to get as many new prospects from the event as possible. What is a process or idea you may be able to use to encourage the team to participate? 
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