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Question: is this a good narrative story with a clear complication...

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is this a good narrative story with a clear complication resolution plot?

Please edit story with puncutation 


I peered out the window to see the rain was pouring down on this gloomy day. I could see the little droplets falling from the dark, grey clouds to the cold ground. They made a splish, splash, splosh as they made muddy puddles.

But I don’t like the rain.

“You can play inside with all your toys,” Mum said, “It will be fun.”

“But I don’t want to play with my toys.” I told her “I want to play with you.” 

Mum said “You will have to wait. I am very busy”.

I don’t like the rain!

So I stormed off to my bedroom.

I was very bored. So I did some homework. I don’t like the rain. 

I watched TV, but I was still bored. I don’t like the rain.

I read a book, but I was way too bored. I don’t like the rain.

I got out all my dolls,  but it was not fun this time. I don’t like the rain.

I went to play dress-up with my sisters clothes. But Mum walked in and yelled “stay out of your sister’s room!” With a huge sigh, I cried “I don’t like the rain”. 

So I snuck into the kitchen, to play cooking. All by myself!

I don’t like the rain.

I pulled out all the pots and pans I could find from the kitchen cabinets. I am going to bake a yummy chocolate cake with lots of sprinkles. It will make me happy because I don’t like the rain.

I started  mixing all the ingredients together the flour, eggs, sugar,  chocolate and a little bit of water together for the cake  mixture in a bowl. Mum walks in and cried,  “What are you doing?” I said “I am making a cake because I am bored and I don’t like the rain”. 

“Just look at all the mess you made!”, Mum yelled. “But I”...

The doorbell rings. “Who could that be?”,  Mum says. “Go and see who is at the door while I clean up the mess”.  

I open the door. My friends Lilly and Xavier are at the door. “Come on! Let’s go play”, they said

“But It is too rainy” I whined, “And I don’t like the rain!”

“Look!” they exclaimed, “it has stopped raining let’s go and play outside. Come on. Play with us”.  I look around. The rain has stopped!

 “Okay!” I cheered, “let’s go!” 

Lilly, Xavier and I ran to the playground and see all our friends already there. I was so happy that the rain had stopped that I was no longer bored.


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