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Question: is this example a correlation or b independent samples ttest...

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Is this example (a) Correlation or (b) Independent samples t-test or (c) Paired samples t-test or (d) One sample t-test or (e) a z-test?

  • In the second experiment, the PhD student hypothesises that a relationship exists between mental rotation and spatial knowledge acquisition. Specifically, she believes that participants that are more accurate in a mental rotation test will commit less errors in the pointing task in the virtual environment. To test her hypothesis, she recruits 52 participants from the Bond subject pool and asks them to complete the Shepard and Metzler (1971) mental rotation test. The mental rotation test is scored out of 8 points with higher scores indicative of greater mental rotation ability

  • After completing the mental rotation test, participants are asked to learn the position of the eight target locations in the Viking Village. Once participants have completed the learning phase, they are tested on their ability to point to different locations in the virtual environment. Pointing error is measured in degrees with higher angles indicative of lower performance.

Additionally,, what would the null and alternative hyptotheses be

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