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is used in a test rig for the 1-60. A 3.5 cm-O.D., mm-wall-thickn 2.75 mm-wall-thickness copper tube f fluid 0.1 mm-thick measurement of convective heat transfer from a cylinder in a cross-fiow o The tube is fitted with an internal electric heater. A 5 mm-square, heat flux meter is attached to the surface and measures both the local surface heat flux qs and surface temperature T, (see Exercise 1-74). In a series of tests to determine the heat transfer coefficient at the stagnation line, the cylinder is placed in a wind tunnel and the air speed varied incrementally over the desired range. How long will the experimenter have to wait after the fan speed is changed before taking data? The heat transfer coefficient is expected to be about 100 W/m2 K. Take p 8950 kg/m3, c 385 J/kg K for the copper. Copper tube 3.5 cm O.D. 2.75 mm wall thickness Heat flux meter 5 mm square Heater leads T. V, T

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