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It is a Python language question. Please provide it an easy way. NO IN ADVANCE. thanks
1. A client sends a packet to a server through a satellite, which is 40, 000 km above the earth. What is round 2. A message with 1024bits is sent in packets. Each packet has 128bits, 96bits of which is used to carry 3. If a packet could be corrupted in a probability of P/ 10%. How many packets is ne 4. What are the channels, data rates and bandwidths of a WiFi system and a celluar 5. Three hosts send packet over a shared bus. Each host takes p 0.35 probability to send its packet, up latency of sending such a packet information and the rest for the header and error detection. What is the overhead of the packet many packets are needed to send the message for a node to another node? above message succesfully in average, averagely? in service in Dearborn? indepdently. What is the probability of the collision, which is defined as the probability of the case that ? How eded to send the system, uch as Vertzon more than 2 hosts send packet In 110) import numpy as np d 40000e3 -3e8 print(d/c 4 sz-1024 1-96 pf-0.1 Nr-1/(1-pf) print(1-96/128) print(np.ceil(sz/100)) print (np.ce i I { sz / 100)%r) p-0.35 print (3-p( 1-p) (1-p)) 0-5333333333333333
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