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Question: it is a rotorcraft aerodynamic question...

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ppyox Given a hehcopr o weg 2ecokg caculate the power requcd n hover and up to ao4 mlmin aㅺal climb Kate Te lachuc of the main tOtor is 6 m and the 1ołor has a figute of mcit 0.76 Acaume sea condltions a) Tind powes sequed for hover ondite chnb tucte b) If the helicoptex is in found flicht uith va าวุ kmph, ascuming the tołox is in q hovzon tal pochon but with an angle of incidence-ec between fee creom velocty and tre dick, fnd the incluced velocty, appxox mate ngleu atho by ome rteratrons and kotox powes in fauad flokt

it is a rotorcraft aerodynamic question

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