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Quiz One -BME460 & CHE460 Absorption process is the function of the fluid pH level at the absorption site. The solubility of a drug depends on either an acidic or basic medium, the drug dissolves in the stomach or intestines respectively. Please identify the pH valves for each blank: 4. pH in Stomach: Drug may remain in Stomach for hours pH in Duodenum pH in Jejunum: Drug may remain in Small Intestine for hours Esophagus PH in Ascending Colon YOUR NOTES Liver (04 Transvorse Appendix Roctum of FIGURE $.3 The digestive system, drug absorption and their repective pt vales. (Adaptesd wirh pennission from Cohen i. Wood DL. Memmlers the Human Body in Health and Disease. 11th Ed. Baltimore,   It regulatory& mfg practices course
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