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itions and Data Due Sun 02/03/2019 11:59 pm A smart phone manufacturer wants to determine the average battery time that its new smart phone will get. The manufacturer will test 100 smart phones. Match the strategies to their corresponding sampling techniques. The manufacturer tests every 1000th smart phone that comes off the assembly The manufacturer asks 100 of her friends who have the phone if she can borrow their phones to test. The manufacturer tests 20 smart phones from each of its five equally sized distributors. The manufacturer finds three small communities that have dry moderate and humid climates and every smart phone from each of these three communities is tested The manufacturer uses a computer to randomly select 150 smart phone serial numbers and tests all 150 phones with these serial numbers a. Simple Random Sampling b. Cluster Sampling c. Stratified Sampling d. Convenience Sampling e. Systematic Sampling Ma F7 F9 F1O F1 5
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