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It's thermofluid systems design and analysis course

Course: MECH 426 Homework Assignment #1 Due Date: 4th Feb. 2019 Term: Spring 2019 Topic: Gas Turbines CLOs: 1 1. The following diagram refers to a gas turbine and the data refer to this turbine C2 T2 0304 06 Air cooler 05 012 08 011 02 010 TI T4 T3 09 Net-output power (kw) Pressure ratio across each compressor Turbine inlet temperature, °C Reheat turbine inlet temperature, °C Exhaust temperature, °C Regenerator effectiveness compressor efficiency, % Turbine efficiency, % Ambient temperature, o 250 950 950 320 0.85 83 30 Calculate the following parameters by assuming C 1.005 kJ/kg K. a. Outlet temperature of all turbines and compressors, b. Specific net-work output from the cycle, c. Thermal efficiency of the entire cycle, d. Overall backwork ratio, and e. Mass flow rate
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