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Question: ive been really stuck on this problem any help would...

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Required information Problem 2-40 Financial Statement Elements; Cost Behavior (LO 2-5, 2-6, 2-8) The following information applies to the questions displayed below.] Mason Corporation began operations at the beginning of the current year. One of the companys products, a refrigeration element, sells for $205 per unit. Information related to the current years activities follows. Variable costs per unit: Direct material Direct labor Manufacturing overhead 15 36 Annual fixed costs: Manufacturing overhead Selling and administrative $600,000 860,000 Production and sales activity: Production (units) Sales (units) 24,000 20,000 Mason carries its finished goods inventory at the average unit cost of production and is subject to a 30 percent income tax rate. There was no work in process at year-end Problem 2-40 Part 2 2. Compute Masons net income for the current year ended December 31 Answer is complete but not entirely correct. Net income $ 425,600

Ive been really stuck on this problem any help would be appreciated. thank you

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