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Question: iven what you know about populists which of the following...

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iven what you know about populists, which of the following do you think might have been something populists wanted?


The amount of money available in the US was directly tied to the amount of gold the US government possessed (a system called the gold standard). This made credit tight and borrowing money difficult. Populists wanted the US government to expand the money supply by basing the value of US money on the amount of gold AND silver it had, thus making credit more available and borrowing easier.


Senators were elected by state legislatures, not the people, during the era of populism. Populists wanted the election of senators to be more democratic, so they wanted to see direct democratic election of senators by the people of each state.


All of these answers are correct.


Rural populists wanted the agricultural economy supported by the federal government through government created sub-treasuries. These were storage facilities where farmers could “deposit” their staple crops, borrow against the value of those crops, then sell when the market afforded the farmers the best profit.

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