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Consider Jakes processes in the opening vignette of this chapter. A. Create a BPMN. for the Burger Assembly process using LucidChant For an account, use the following link and use your CSS edu email address Note: fig02 01 from your book is a useful resource. Write a procedure for how the in-store employee inputs a customer order on the cash register system. What data is Jake using to make his information? Does the data have all the critical characteristics of good data as shown below? B. C. e Accurate . Timely e Relevant - To context - To subject e Just sufficient Worth its cost
Jake’s Process:
Jake is working his last night shift of his summer job at e well known fast food restaurent His manager Mary has asked him to show two relatively new hires, Sally and Austin, the ropes student using this textbook in spring While the characters names and dssogue are icthous,this stoey is based on the esperiences of Alex Jake begins, 1 understand Mary wanted you to shadow me to learn my secrets, Youve kind of genius. If she asks you how I did t. tell her as Kaizan Thats whet I tel her He continues, At Central Colorado State where I go to school, they preach that wo should think about processes all the time I tried to things as processes and how informaton systems can make processes better So, all my secrets are just process improvement ideas got to promise mo you woint tell her exactiy how 1 do things Ive enjoyed lotting her think I am some but now Ive fallen in the habit of seeing Jake takes the smat herd in the back whece the burgers are made When t pur the burgers together es the Assembler, look at the order sorem to tall myset what to do nex in order to make the process of essentling g。taster if l see tat the next order has a Trig leburger. . look at the rest of the eight orders on the screen to see if there are more orders fo Triples coming If there are, I start cooking all the meat at the same time and get all the buns and toppings ready for when the meat is done When I frst started working here, I just did one order at a time, but by looking at all eight orders I save myself a lot of tme and Sally asks, 1 thought everyone just looked at one or two orders at a time. You look a go laster If I see that the next order has a Tripleburgec, look at the rest of the eight orders on the screen to see i there are more orders for Triples Yeah, but i st scan thern l look to soo f there are mult le orders or the same bu ger so one trip. I dont look too closely at the other stulf n s art th m at the same tme ord there are hes on se eral orders r. grab al the fries on Austin chimes in, Is that 1? Is that all youre doing diff Well, secret number two is that I pay attention to the other processes in the store There is Making process If Im not actualy assembling at the moment, I observe the other processes to desemine which one is running behind. Then I do some activity to help that process-bag some fries, fill some drinks, that sort of thing the Deve Thiru process, the in-Store Order process, the Drink Making process, and the Fry Heres another example If you have to empty the outdoor trash cans, take four empty bags and make one circut, not four separate trips Also, be wiling to experiment a bit. ve tied some stuff that didnt work For example one night I tried to do the closing process in steps moving clockwse around the store, but that put too many steps in the wrong order, and one time i tried putting a second coffee bag next to the coffee maker so the next person wouldnt have to get the bag but I found thet most people saw the bag lying there and put it away Youll think of stulf The key is to see the processes The best way to become skilled at seeing processes is to practice a morning, pack a suitcase for a trip, or make a lunch It becomes a habit and you laugh when you catch yourself thinking about how to make even the most unmportant things better And remember, dont tell Mary Shell be disappointed that it was so simple school or at home, lke the stops to get ready for school in the
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