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Jan 15 2019 3 of 20 Monthly, the efficiently perform this control, O a Approved New Hire Forms ate salary increases. What y generated information would allow the controller to most the rndion for b Payroll Change Report from the ERP system O c Master Payroll Register from the third party service organization O d Payroll Summary by Employee Report from the ERP system 4 of 20 A customer orders goods from Company D. Who would most likely be responsible for entering the order into Company Ds ERP system? O a Sales associate O b. Accounts receivable clerk O c. Accounting manager O d Procurement associate 6 of 20 Which of the following is an operational isk? O a The companys products do not meet quality standards, rosulting in increased warranty payments accrual does not contemplate litigation for defective products, resulting in missing accruals O b. The companys legal O c. The companys revenue manager incorrectly records revenue based on product shipping date rather than delivery date, resulting in inaccurate revenue O d. The companys ERP system does not completely ar d accurately report outstanding receivables by aging bucket, resulting in a miscalculated allowance for doubtful accounts 6 of 20 RSA
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