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Jason (4 years, 3 months) is trying to make a sand castle with a bucket and dry sand. As he fills up the bucket with the sand, then pours it out, the sand castle immediately collapses as the sand is not wet enough to compact. He attempts to do this again, but it ends up in the same result. Now quite frustrated he takes a container to the drinking tap and fills the container with water and starts carrying it back to the sandpit. As he gets back to the sand pit he tips the water over a patch of dry sand. An educator observes Jason adding the water to the sand pit. She raises her voice to Jason and says “Don’t put the water in the sandpit” Jason slumps down on the sand in defeat, and sits there quietly. The educator walks away from the area to assist in another matter. Jason takes this opportunity to take the container back to the drinking tap to fill the container again, as he gets to the edge of the sandpit the educator turns to find that Jason has not followed her instructions, and she now angrily orders Jason out of the sandpit. Jason who is now also frustrated throws the container which hits a younger child in the head. Jason walks away crying and the injured child is also crying and requires first aid. Jason is sent inside by the educator.

1. What positive support techniques could the educator have put in place to support Jason’s ideas?

2. How could this situation been avoided?

3. Do you think the educator acted in an appropriate manner, asking Jason to go inside, after this incident?

4. How do you think this situation made Jason feel?

5. How do you think the educator viewed Jason’s behaviour during this incident?

6. Who do you think the educator needs to inform about the incident?

7. What policies and procedures need to be referred to when considering all aspects of the incident? 

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