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// Change the following program to use compound assignments: Then repeat the process to use pre- or post- increment/decrement ONLY as appropriate class CompoundExercises ( public static void compoundoperators0 int result-1+2; I/ result is now 3 Systen.out.printin(result); result result 1; // result is now 2 System.out.println(result): resultresult 2; I1result is now 4 System.out.println(result); result result /2; // result is now 2 System.out.printin(result) result - result+8; I/ result is now 1 result result % 7; // result is no.. 3 System.out.printin(result); 1/ In the following program, explain why the value 8 is printed twice in a rows public static void question1) ( int i-5 1+42 System.out.printin() 6 ee 1 Systen.out.printin(1) Systen.out.printin(); System.out.printin) 8 System.out.printin) 10
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