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JAVA: PLEASE follow all directions or else I'll get a 0 on this assignment. I need to create a METHOD that RETURNS A STRING PATTERN of a “triangular square” with N lines. This cannot be a void method, it needs a return statement, and it has to return this pattern as one string. For this problem, describing the desired result is difficult, so I provided two examples of what the method should return. To help you understand the construction of the “triangular square”, imagine a vertical line that splits the square into a left and right half. You can see that the two halves are mirror images of each other. Pay attention to the number of stars and spaces on either side of the line. Come up with a rule (ie, “for line N, there are x stars and y spaces”) and then implement that. Please follow the outline of the method I have provided below. I need to use that method in order to receive full credit. Note: There should be a newline ' ' after each line of the pattern. N is the height (number of rows) of the pattern.  

int N- 10; * Prints the following pattern for n-10: * k * k Prints the following pattern for n- 11: k w k x k x k * @Override public String printPattern (int n) i // TODO Auto-generated method stub return null;

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