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Java programming
Write a payroll calculation program for a sales employee that has a salary and a commission of their sales. You need to ask the user for their name and the amount they sold this month. Once you have these two values from the user in variables in your program, calculate their pay for the week. Gross pay is equal to 1000 (salary for this week) + 6% of the sales amount. sweek)-6% withhold 15% of their pay (for taxes and social security) and find their net pay. Finally print the gross pay, withheld amount, and the net pay with appropriate text telling the user what each number is. Note: You may want to skip the formatting placeholders because you will need to use doubles or floats as the data types here. If you do wish to use them, do not use %d (for your double) as its the one for an integer. Use %f as is shown in chapter 3. It is the same placeholder in a printf) for floats and doubles.
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