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[20 marks] Credit card numbers follow certain patterns. A credit card number must have between 13 and 16 digits. It must start with 4 for Visa cards, 5 for Master cards, 37 for American Express cards, and 6 for Discover cards. In 1954, Hans Luhn of IBM proposed the following algorithm for validating credit card numbers a. Double every second digit from right to left (e.g., if number is 3 >3*26) and add them together. If this doubling results in a two-digit number, then add the two digits to get a single-digit number (e.g., if number is 552>101+0>1) So, for the credit card number 4388576018402626, doubling all second digits from the right results in (2 2 4)(2 *2 4) (4 2 8)(12 2)(6 2 12 12 3)52 10- 1+0 (8 2 16 167)(4 2 8) This totals to 4+4+8+2+3+1+7+8-37. Add all digits in the odd places from right to left. b. The leftmost digit of the credit card number is at index 0; 6+6+0+8+0+7+8+3 38. Add results from steps (a) and (b) and see if divisible by 10. If it is, then the card number is valid; otherwise invalid. 37+38-75 is not divisible by 10, so it is an invalid credit card number. Implement Luhns algorithm in a program to determine whether a given credit card number is valid or not. You must test if the number of digits in the input is in the valid range (13 to 16), run Luhns algorithm to test its validity, and if it is valid, print the name of the company that offers that credit card number.CreditCard a Attributes + private int evenSum + private int oddSum + private int sum + private String cCNumber + private String company a Operations +public boolean isDivisibleBy100 + public boolean isValidO +public booean validateCompany) + public boolean validateLengthO +public booean validateNumber +public boolean validateSumsO + public CreditCard(String num) + public int getEvenSum + public int getoddSumO + public int getsum(O + public String getCcNumberO) +public String getCompany0

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