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Question: java programming introduction we are going to write a function...

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Java Programming


We are going to write a function that utilizes generics

Function will look like:

public static <E extends Comparable<E>> E max (E [] list)

  • This takes in a generic (E) that will extends the Comparable function (see last week's lecture)
    • Remember these functions show how to compare two items
  • Inside your code this allows access to the E.CompareTo()
  • Return a generic (E)
  • Function is named max
  • Input is an array of generic type E


  • This function will find and return the maximum element in the array

Main Function

  • Create an array of String, Integer and Double
    • Strings String[] colors = {"Red","Green","Blue"};
    • Integer[] numbers = {1, 2, 3};
    • Double[] circleRadius = {3.0, 5.9, 2.9};
  • Pass each to the max() function that you are writing and print the output:
    • Example: System.out.println(max(colors));
      • Will output “Red”
  • Regardless of type, your function will find the maximum
    • String, Integer and Double already extend Comparable


  • Review how to find the maximum of something in an array…
    • Set maxElement to the first index
    • Iterate in a for loop comparing the current element to maxElement
    • If the current element of the array is greater than maxElement, update maxElement to that element
    • Return maxElement
  • How to do the comparison without knowing the type?
    • You can call .CompareTo() which will return….
      • Negative number if less than the parameter object
      • Zero if equal to the parameter object
      • Positive number if greater than the parameter object
      • Hint: list[i].CompareTo(maxElement) > 0 will be a useful check inside your loop
  • Copy the function exactly as presented
    • public static <E extends Comparable<E>> E max (E [] list)
  • You are not creating a class with generics
    • Rather just a function that uses them
  • Inside the function you can declare and make use of the E data type
    • The E data type is a mystery to you
    • But thanks to the .CompareTo() function you can figure out what the maximum element is in the array

Here is a sample output:

Homework 3.png

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