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Question: java two questions are independent...

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For the following problems, assume that Fraction is a class that has two instance variables that are of type int, used to store the numerator and denominator 1. Create a copy constructor for a class called Quiz2Practice1). The class has a static variable called staticVar, an instance variable called count that is an int, an instance variable called nums that is an array of double s, and an instance variable of type Fraction called frac. 2. Draw a diagram that shows the state of memory at the end of execution of the following code: Fraction[] arr1-new Fraction[3] Fraction[] arr2 - new Fraction[5]; Fraction[] arr3; Fraction f1 - new Fraction(23, 287) Fraction f2; for (int 1-0; i < arr1.length; 1++) arr1[1] -new Fraction(H,1+1);

two questions are independent

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