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Job opening 1: Your filing clerk gave you 2 week notice that she is retiring. You require someone local since the pay will not merit someone driving long distance to perform this job. The job requires a high school education.

Job opening 2: You CFO accepted a position with another company. He gave you 30 day notice of his departure. This job requires someone with a masters degree in finance and 5 years of experience. Your company will provide relocation expense reimbursement for positions at this level. You have employees in the accounting department who can handle the day to day activities, yet tax season is coming and they have no idea how to handle the filling and the audits.

Your total monthly budget for recruiting is $3,000.00.

1. Include each method of recruiting you will use (internal, external, Internet, recruiting agency, etc.) and why you chose each.

2. Give specific names for the resources chosen.

3. Specify the time frame in which the campaign will run.

4. State the expected cost.

5. Upload your strategy as a Word document to this assignment before the deadline.

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