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job order P-3A Case Inc. is a construction company specializing in custom patios. The pa st of goods constructed of concrete, brick, fiberglass, and lumber, depending upon customer p dule. eference. On June 1, 2017, the general ledger for Case Inc. contains the following data. Raw Materials Inventory $4,200 Manufacturing Overhead Applied Work in Process Inventory $5,540 Manufacturing Overhead Incurred Subsidiary data for Work in Process Inventory on June 1 are as follows. $31,650 Job Cost Sheets Customer Job Cost Element Direct materials Direct labor Manufacturing overhead Rodgers Stevens Linton $ 900 580 725 S 600 320 400 $1,320 S 800 540 675 $2,015 $2,205 During June, raw materials purchased on account were $4,900, and all wages were paid. Additional overhead costs consisted of depreciation on equipment $900 and miscei laneous costs of $400 incurred on account. A summary of materials requisition slips and time tickets for June shows the following Customer Job Materials Requisition Slips Time Tickets Rodgers Koss Stevens Linton Rodgers S 800 2,000 500 1,300 300 S 850 800 360 1,200 390 3,600 1,200 $4,800 4,900 1,500 General use $6,400 Overhead was charged to jobs at the same rate of $1.25 per dollar of direct labor cost. The patios for customers Rodgers, Stevens, and Linton were completed during June and sold for a total of $18,900. Each customer paid in full. Instructions (a) Journalize the June transactions: (1) for purchase of raw materials, factory labor costs incurred, and manufacturing overhead costs incurred; (2) assignment of direct materials, labor, and overhead to production; and (3) completion of jobs and sale of goods.
(b) Post the entries to Work in Process Inventory (c) Reconcile the balance (d) Cost of g manufa in Work in Process Inventory with the costs of unfinished jobs. (d) Prepare a cost of goods manufactured schedule for June.
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