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Jue lopies rom ECE 201 and ECE 210 that we will use in ECE 213. We will go over these topics as we use them, but my hope is that (at least for the most part) you already are familiar with them. 1. (Complex numbers) Many of the most useful representations for signals involve complex numbers and complex-valued functions. This problem asks you to relate the rectangular (real and imaginary parts) and polar (magnitude and angle (phase) representations of complex numbers. (a) Find the real and imaginary parts of the following complex numbers. (Note that angles are given in radians.) (0) 2eIm (i) 2eim/2 (ii) (2 +ei/2 (iv) 2ej/4 (b) Find the magnitude and angle (phase) of the following complex numbers. (Give the angles in units of radians.) (i) + 4j (i) 3-4j (ii) (3 + 4j) (Note:superscript means complex conjugate) (iv) 4 +3 3 2. (Calculations with complex numbers) Now let a 1 + 2j and b VZe-n/ Find the adians), real part, and imaginary part of the following complex
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