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Jump to... Bassem Elsayed /1133-Winter19-MACKAY Activities and Due Dates>HW: Electric Charge and Electric Field t Score: 995/2500 Resources Hint Check Answe of 25 Most workers in nanotechnology are actively monitored for excess static charge buildup. The human body acts like an insulator as one walks across a carpet, collecting -50 nC per step. What charge buildup will a worker in a manufacturing plapt accumulate if she walks 17 steps? charge buildup from 17 steps:850 nC How many electrons are present in that amount of charge? electrons electrons present: s can be damaged by an electrical discharge greater than 1012 electrons, what is the If a delicate manufacturing proces maximum number of complete steps that any worker should be allowed to take before touching the components steps maximum number of steps: ENG INTL 16
re: 1395/2500 Resources Give Up?Feedback Resume Attempt1 In each of the scenarios, two spheres of the same size and shape hang from a common attachment point. Each sphere is electrically charged and is either perfectly conductive or perfectly insulating. as indicated in the key. The magnitude of charge O is greater than the magnitude of charge q. Conductive Each pair of spheres is allowed to swing freely and comes to rest in some equilibrium position. In each scenario, determine whether the spheres come to rest in contact, or separated by some distance. Assume that the weight of the spheres is small enough that electrostatic forces are significant. Insulating: The spheres come to rest in contact The spheres come to rest separated +0 +4 ENG 0230
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