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Just : 11.81 (a and b)

Lobster fishing study. Refer to the Bulletin of Marine Science (April 2010) study of teams of fishermen fishing for the red spiny lobster in Baja California Sur, Mexico, Exercise 11.16 (p. 614). Recall that simple linear regression was used to model y total catch of lobsters (in kilograms) during the season as a function of x average percentage of traps allocated per day to exploring areas of unknown catch (called search frequency. A portion of the Minitab printout giving a 95% confidence interval for E0 and a 95% prediction interval for ywhen X 25 is shown below. Predicted Values for New Observations 954 PI New Obs Fit SE Fit 95$ CI 1 5788 465 (4783 6792) (2643 8933) Values of Predictors for New Observations New Obs SEARCH FREQ 25.0 a. Locate and interpret the 95% confidence interval for EU) b. Locate and interpret the 95% prediction interval for y.

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