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R units /Hr 50 units/Hr X1-5208 inspection X2-4948Packaging Y-4800 (5% loss) (3% loss) Figure 6 Z1- 35.9 Z2 12.37 Work-In-Process (WIP) Inventory The Function of WIP is to absorb the fluctuation between the rate of input to Operation (or machine) # n and output rate from Operation/machine # n-1 (see figure 6) Hint: Inventory buildup or depletion (Units of time) (Input Output), limited by the size of the storage
Suppose in the production system of Figure 6, we have modified the original production rates (as shown in figure 6) and allowed the production rate of Inspection station to assume variable quantities. Since the production rates are different. Determine the WIP Inventory) level under the following conditions: Assume initial inventory (WIP)-10, and its maximum capacity 70 units 1) If R 60 units per hour. WIP after 8 hours Comment on what will happen: 2) R-45 Units/hr. (Assumptions unchanged) WIP after 8 hours Comment on what will happen: 3)- If the two units are connected. And R-60 or R- 45: a)- What the speed of system will be: b)- As a CI Engineer, list 4 problems and possible solutions to eliminate waste in the system. A CI study aimed at improving the system (to have a lean operation)

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