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Just do problem 1go E1, A Po し1 し2 Figure 1: Problem Schematic Problem 1 Consider the fixed-fixed composite rod in Figure 1 undergoing a concentrated axial load Po and a uniformly distributed axial load go. Using mechanics of materials find (a) the displacement field u(x) (b) the normal strain field exz (x) (c) the normal stress field ơzz (r) Hints Where σ r is the normal stress in the z-direction, P(z) is the internal force, A (x) is cross-sectional area, εΖΖ is the normal strain in the x-direction, and E(x) is the elastic modulus (2) The problem is statically indeterminate, so statics is not sufficient to solve for the constraint forces at the fixed boundaries. One must make use of a compatibility condition to obtain closure for this model. Use the fact that the left end does not displace relative to the right end

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