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Question: just life question one of my diabetic type 2 sister...

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Just life question-

One of my Diabetic (type 2) sister had injuries about 7days ago, she had deep wound 3x3cm with some purulent excudate on her foot, we  dressing with home band-aid only. She drinks a lot water and pee a lot for many weeks. She didnt like take any pills so she didnt have diabetic pills reqularly as well. 2 days ago,we sent her to hopsital because she nausea, vomit, stoma pain, talking funny, disorientaion, confusion, Dr said her plasma glucose level was 40 mmol/L, WBC higher than normal range, Na was slightly lower than normal range, K was higher than normal range, most other data all ok, vital signs( T:37.3, P: 99, R: 25 had acetone smelling breath, BP: 171/98), skin flused, dry, warm. polydipsia. She had IV insulin and BGL drop to 29mmol/L in hsopital. 

So what signs and symptoms you found ? what 2 priority urgent diagnoses and 2 potiental diagnoses (i.e. related to foot infection) you will make ? normal plasma glucose level is 11 mmol/L or? Tempature 37.3 is fever ?

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