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Question: just need 4 answered i included 1 so you can...

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Just need #4 answered. I included
#1 so you can use it for the hint
(a) (P Q) PAQ. (This is one we will use a lot!) (b) Pn(Q v R)-(P л Q) v (PAR). 2. Write the following as English sentences. Say whether they are true or false. (3 points each (a) Vr E R, > 0. (c) 3z, y E R, +21. 3. If I do not get my laptop fixed, I will miss the due date, said Ellen. Later, you discove that Ellens laptop was repaired, but she missed the due date anyways Was Ellens statement true or false? Explain. (6 points) 4. Negate the following statements. (5 points each) (a) +1 or -1 are not roots of 32+z+1. (b) The numbers z and y are both even. (c) If f is a polynomial with degree greater than 2, then its derivative is not constant. (Hint Use Question la). (d) The square of every real number is non-negative
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