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  3. just need a java uml diagram pleasee no code...

Question: just need a java uml diagram pleasee no code...

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just need a java UML diagram pleasee no code.
10. Lottery Application Write a Lottery class that simulates a lottery. The class should have an array of five integers named lotterysumbers. The constructor should use the Random class (from the Java API) to generate a random number in the range of 0 through 9 for each element in the array. The class should also have a method that accepts an array of five integers that represent a per- sons lottery picks. The method is to compare the corresponding elements in the two arrays and return the number of digits that match. For example, the following shows the lotteryNumbers array and the users array with sample numbers stored in each. There are two matching digits (elements 2 and 4) lotterynumbers array 7 4 93 Users array: 4 29 7 3 In addition, the class should have a method that returns a copy of the lotteryNumbers array Demonstrate the class in a program that asks the user to enter five numbers. The program should display the number of digits that match the randomly generated lottery numbers. If all of the digits match, display a message proclaiming the user a grand prize winner
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