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  3. just need help filling in the blanks thank you...

Question: just need help filling in the blanks thank you...

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OUTPUT Income Statement INPUT 2014 250,000 300,000 120,000 150,000 2013 Cash Flow 2014 Sales Cost of Good Sold Cash Depreciation Interest Expense Tax Rate SG&A Long Tem Debt Initial Equity Investment Accounts Receivable Inventory Gross Fixed Assets Accumulated Depreciation Accounts Payable Retained Eamings 2013 2014 Sales COGS NI Plus Depreciation Cash Income 20,000 36,000 8,000 40.0% 50,000 40,000 9,000 40.0% 55,000 240,000 230,000 150,000 150,000 42,000 14,500 800,000 820,000 Gross margin SG&A EBITDA Depreciation EBIT Interest EBT Taxes NI WC Change in AR Change in Inventory Change in A/P Change Working Capital 40,000 15,000 Inv Capex Fin Debt 350,000 35,000 100,000 36,000 Equity Fin Activity Balance Sheet 2013 2014 Cash Account Receivable Inventory Cash Flow Beginning Cash Flow Ending Cash Flow Financial Ratios (2014) Gross Profit Total CIA Gross Fixed Assets Accumulated Depreciation Net Fixed Assets Total Assets Accounts Receivable Days Inventory Tumover Days ROA ROE Accounts Payable Long Term Debt Total Liabilities Initial Equity Investment Retained Eanings Total Equity Total LiabilityEquityjust need help filling in the blanks! thank you

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