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Just need help with QUESTION 5
Exercise 4-11 Comprehensive Exercise; Second Production Department-Weighted-Average Method LO4-2, LO4-3, LO4-4, LO4-5 Scribners Corporation produces fine papers in three production departments-Pulping, Drying, and Finishing. In the Pulping Department, raw materials such as wood fiber and rag cotton are mechanically and chemically treated to separate their fibers. The result is a thick slurry of fibers. In the Drying Department, the wet fibers transferred from the Pulping Department are laid down on porous webs, pressed to remove excess liquid, and dried in ovens. In the Finishing Department, the dried paper is coated, cut, and spooled onto reels. The company uses the weighted-average method in its process costing system. Data for March for the Drying Department follow Units Pulping 2,500 7,600 100 tory, March 1 1008 Work in process inventory, March 31 Pulping cost in work in process inventory, March 1 Conversion cost in vork in process inventory, March 1 Units transferred to the next production department Pulping cost added during March 75% $ 1,050 s 600 145,000 66,094 41,596 No materials are added in the Drying Department. Pulping cost represents the costs of the wet fibers transferred in from the Pulping Department. Wet fiber is processed in the Drying Department in batches; each unit in the above table is a batch and one batch of wet fibers produces a set amount of dried paper that is passed on to the Finishing Department Required 1. Compute the Drying Departments equivalent units of production for pulping ando 2. Compute the D 3. Compute the Drying Departments cost of ending work in process inventory for pulping, conversion, and in total for March. 4. Compute the Drying Departments cost of units transferred out to the Finishing Department for pulping, conversion, and in total in n in March g Departments cost per equlvalent unit for pulping and conversion in March. March 5. Prepare a cost reconciliation report for the Drying Department for March. Complete this question by entering your answers in the tabs below <Prev 60, 8Ⅲ Next >
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