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  3. just need part h with matlab code please thanks...

Question: just need part h with matlab code please thanks...

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g) The circular disk/tank is subjected to a vertical air jet that supports it in such manner as to remain suspended in the air motionless, as shown by the adiacent sketch. The total pressure due to air stream at the bottom surface of the disk is uniform at PB 101 400Pa while the pressure at the top surface is not uniform and given by the following function 0SrK where k is a constant. (Notation: exp(x)-e* ) What are the base dimensions of the constant k? Calculate its value based on the condition that the pressure of the air stream at the edge of the disk has to be recovered, i.e. the pressure Air Stream at r-D/2 should be pB. [10] h) Using plotting software (e.g. excel, MatLab) plot the pressure pr (r) (in bar) vs 2r/D for the given range, i.e. 0srsD/2 . The minimum point of the ordinate should be 0.8bar. [5] i) Calculate the total mass (in lb) of the circular disk. (Newtons 1st Law is very useful in this stationary scenario.) 10]

Just need part h with MATLAB code please.


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