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Question: just need the answers please engine size mean 27917 standard...

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Just need the answers please.The U.S. Department of Energys Fuel Economy Guide provides fuel efficiency data for cars and trucks. (See exercise 35 on page 63 in your textbook for a similar problem.) Use the data in the FuelData sheet in this workbook to generate excel output to answer the following questions. Please note that units are liters for engine size and miles per gallon for highway fuel efficiency. Put the output in given space on FuelData sheet. Each orange numerical answer cell below MUST reference generated Excel output cells in the FuelData sheet. Question 5A What is range for engine size? Question 5B What is the variance for highway fuel efficiency? Question 5C What is IQR for engine size? Question 6 What is the shape of the highway fuel efficiency distribution? Why? NOTE 1:Skewed right must select>, skewed left must select <, etc.) (NOTE 2: The shape of the distribution is based on the formatted 4-decimal numbers showing in your output.) because Question 7 ule predicts that percent of the engine size data should lie between 0.8940 and 4.6895 liters, which are+/ standard deviation(s) away from the mean. Question8 What varied the most in this study, engine size or highway fuel efficiency? Prove using the best measure of variabilityl varied the most Proof Engine Size Hwy Fuel Efficiency

Engine Size
Mean 2.7917
Standard Error 0.0756
Median 2.7917
Mode 2.7297
Standard Deviation 0.6326
Sample Variance
Kurtosis -0.6958
Skewness 0.0122
Minimum 1.6130
Maximum 4.2186
Count 70.0000
Q1 2.2954
Q3 3.3191
Hwy Fuel Efficiency
Mean 33.9857
Standard Error 1.0510
Median 35.5000
Mode 46.0000
Standard Deviation 8.7931
Sample Variance
Kurtosis -1.3320
Skewness -0.1543
Minimum 19.0000
Maximum 47.0000
Count 70.0000
Q1 26.0000
Q3 42.0000
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