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Just needs bcdf.1.6 Give state diagrams of DFAs recognizing the following languages. In all parts, the alphabet is {0,1). a. {w| w begins with a 1 and ends with a 0} b. {wl w contains at least three 1s) c. fw w contains the substring 0101 (i.e., w- x0101y for some x and y) d. fw w has length at least 3 and its third symbol is a 0} e. sw w starts with 0 and has odd length, or starts with 1 and has even length} f. {w| w doesnt contain the substring 110) g. swl the length of w is at most 5) h. {wl w is any string except 11 and 111} i. {wl every odd position of w is a 1) j. {w w contains at least two Os and at most one 1) 1. fw w contains an even number of Os, or contains exactly two 1s) m. The empty set n. All strings except the empty string

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