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A block that is ה m square slides ram left to right across a fiat plate on a thin film of cil l he cil has viscosity μ Ν-5 2 and th film s h m thick. The blod o mass M kg moves at steady speed m/s under the influence of canstant farce F a) Find the magnituda of the shear stresses on the bottom of the block. Indicate the direction of the shear stresses on the bottom of (b) the block and (c) the plate. (d) If the force is removed sudderly and the block begins to slow, obtain an expression for the time required for the block to lose 72 percent of Its Initial speed, Round your numeric answer to 3 sgnfcant digits, (a) Ty umeric answer dirctio of thin fs) (b) to left

Just Part D, thanks

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