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Question: ka is a 22yearold nursing student who is in a...

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K.A. is a 22-year-old nursing student who is in a small village south of Kenya, Africa, on a medical mission trip with her nursing college. K.A. has been taking prophylactic antibiotics to prevent malarial infection, which is common in the area. It is the sixth day of the trip, and upon awakening, K.A. has a fever of 103o F, is complaining of chills and joint pain, and “just wants to sleep.” One of the mission physicians thinks that K.A. is in the prodromal stage of malaria and suggests that K.A. begin treatment with ibuprofen and chloroquine (Aralen).

  1. What should K.A. expect in regard to length of treatment with chloroquine?

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  1. What adverse effects of chloroquine may K.A. experience?

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