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Kanye, Jewel, Flea, and Danny are trying to form a band. They each have some basic skills on most instruments, so their current plan is for each of them to rotate among vocals, guitar, bass, and drums After a year of practice and rehearsals, the band still sounds awful, Kanye cant keep a steady beat when on bass or drums, Flea sounds terrible at everything except the bass, nobody except Jewel can remember all the chords on guitar, and even Dannys own mother thinks his singing sounds like a dying cow. At their current rate, they expect it will be several years before they are good enough to land their first paid performance. None of them have enough money saved up to last that long They all know you are taking economics and ask your advice. What would you say to them? o Change the rotation to be random rather than equal, to take O are at a point where the marginal product of capital exceeds o Continue with the current plan, as economies of scale advantage of heteroskedasticity Invest their remaining savings in new instruments, as they the marginal product of labor should eventually kick in. Abandon the band, as continued practice is doomed to suffer diminishing marginal returns. Have each member specialize in the role that they are best in, to take advantage of benefits from specialization.
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