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QUESTION 10 Kevin worked or 10 years at a uranium mine excavat ng uranium for a nearby nuclear power plant Nov. 2S ears later, he has sr all cet h g cancer keyns a o e car has lo t 1 to i rabe n rot weight. His muscles are wasting, and he is weak He tries to move around the house throughout the day but tires easily. it has been difficult for him to access care, and the treatment for his cancer is just starting 1. With the ongoing exposure to the ionizing radiation, DNA damage occurred. Outline the three stages of carcinogenesis that occurred after his exposure to radiation 2. Kevin is normally a fit and active man, and his wife often commented on how much food he used to eat after a day at the mine. Why would there be muscle wasting and weight loss now? Explain your answer using your knowledge of the metabolic changes seen with cancer. 3. What are some of the mutations that may have contributed to Kevins lung cancer? 4. Wht are some of the other side effects that Kevin may experience from his cancer?
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