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Kieso, Intermediate Accounting, 16e Help I S VERSİON .BA X Problem 15 Metlock Corporations charter authorized issuance of 92,000 shares of $10 par value common stock and 51,400 shares of $50 preferred stock. The following transactions involving the issuance of shares of stock were completed. Each transaction is independent of the others , Issued a $10.700. 10% bond payable at par and gave as a bonus one share of preferred stock, which at that time was selling for $104 a share. issued 70 s wes common dok foi eguǐprnent. The au r ent had been appraised at S6 000: the sellers book value was $5,900. The most recent market price of the common stock is $16 a share. 3. Issued 308 shares of common and 99 shares of preferred for a lump sum amounting to $10,000. The common had been selling at $14 and the preferred at $62 4. Issued 190 shares of common and 51 shares of preferred for equipment. The common had a fair value of $16 per share; the equipment has a fair value of $6,100 Record the t $38,487. Credit account titles are automatically enter o for the amounts.) indented when amount is entered. Do not indent manually. If no entry is required, select No Entry for the account titles and Credit
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