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Question: kim harley and the kids preamble kim and her family...

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Kim, Harley and the Kids (Pre-amble)

Kim and her family live in a housing commission estate in outer Melbourne. Kim has four children, including three year old twins.  Harley her partner is the father to her three youngest children. Gabrielle at 14 has taken on many of the family responsibilities that her mother cannot cope with.  Their struggle to manage on welfare and charity is taking its toll on the family.

After watching the short video through your VU collaborate space (https://vimeo.com/314153530), create a word document and provide answers the questions below;

The following will assist you in completing this task: 

  • Belonging, Being, and Becoming, The early years Learning Framework for Australia
  • National Quality Standards 
  • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 & Act 2010
  • Victorian Equal Opportunity Act                                          
  • Privacy Act                   
  • Disability Act
  • Workplace Health & Safety Act
  • Child Protection Act


1.     Is Gabrielle at risk of abuse (if yes what types of abuse)?  Justify your response by identifying the indicators of abuse


2.     What are the possible long term impacts of risk of harm for Gabrielle


3.     Discuss your own personal values and attitudes in relation to this scenario. How will you ensure your responses are non-judgemental?



4.     Research a support services that could support the family and identify the following; 

A.    Service name: 

B.    Contact number: 

C.    Provide an outline of what the service provides and how it could support Kim and her family

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