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King Hardware sold 7 pounds of bolts yesterday at a price of $5.00 per pound. This point is represented by the black plus symbol on the diagrar below, which plots the price of bolts (measured in dollars per pound) and the quantity sold (measured in pounds) 10 New Price/Quantity 0. 0 1 2345 6 78910 BOLTS (Pounds) Each small square in the grid for this graph has one side equal to 1 pound of bolts and one side equal to 1 dollar per pound. The area of one sm square is therefore There are small squares in the purple shaded rectangle On this graph, the area of the purple rectangle corresponds to: O King Hardwares revenue from selling bolts, measured in dollars O The price of the bolts, measured in dollars per pound O The number of bolts that King Hardware sold, measured in pounds None of these-the area has no meaning Now suppose King Hardware raises its price to $6.00 per pound of bolts. As a result, it now sells 5 pounds of bolts Use the blue rectangle to draw the area that corresponds to the new price and quantity Did raising the price of bolts increase King Hardwares revenue?

O Yes O No

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