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Know your audience

For this assignment, you will create three personas that describe the majority of their web site visitors. Persona constraints are listed in User Research Document Components. With these personas, you will justify the need for additional pages and the improved user experience with targeted pages.

Choose a fictitious person's name for each persona.

Create one persona that describes a teenager who enjoys playing video games and tends to eat lots of junk food. He prefers microwaveable meals.

Create one persona that describes a traveling consultant who is always on the go and who rarely cooks for himself. He tries to eat fresh fruit and vegetables to stay healthy.

Create one persona that describes a mother of four children (all under 10 years old) and she is always searching for new recipes. She bakes and sells cupcakes as a side business, so she has very little time to research recipes and prepare meals for her family.

For each persona, use the above information and create new information that will help you justify the need for different content. Use the Facts, Behaviors, and Needs/Goals categories from the LP04 Learning Activities to organize your information. Create at least 3 facts, at least 3 behaviors, and at least 3 needs/goals for each persona.

After the personas have been defined, discuss different content that would provide a better user experience for each persona when they visit the new Bob's Small Time Grocery web site.

Must be 2-3 pages in length

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