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Question: kyle has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type i when...

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Kyle has been diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus type I when he was 12 years old. Today, Kyle is a 23 year old drummer in a rock band. He partied hard last night, and today he missed the band rehearsal. So his bandmates came to his apartment to check up on him and found Kyle unresponsive in bed. There was a strong smell of acetone in the room. They called an ambulance and Kyle was transported to a hospital. Upon assessment, Kyle’s glucose was found to be in the high 500’s, he was dehydrated, and diagnosed with Diabetic Ketoacidosis. In addition, there was a nasty abscess found on his back from an old spider bite that happened a month ago. Kyle was given lots of IV fluids, which helped. Explain what is going on with Kyle now? How did he end up with DKA? Why the old spider bite did not heal and turned into an infection? Why was he given IV fluids? And how did that help? 3 years later, Kyle has his diabetes under control. He is traveling today from San Francisco to New York, but due to bad weather, his flight was delayed, as the passengers waited inside the plane for 2 hours before the take off. Now that the plane is finally in the air, Kyle started acting strange, nervous and anxious. The flight attendant noticed that Kyle was shaking and sweaty. She offered him some 7UP. When Kyle had the beverage, he felt better. Explain, what happened in this case: why did Kyle act strange and was shaking and sweating. Why drinking the 7UP helped?

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