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l ime Lett:0:29:18 Michele Ngatchou: Attempt 1 Question 2 (1 point) Pollen from a snapdragon flower lands on the stigma of a neighboring snapdragon. The pollen tube erminates and extends through the maternal sporophyte tissue to the ovule, w the e with the potiar nucleil Wnich statement about this hat nases s ththe e e and releases two sperm, one that fuses with the egg and another that and another that A) Pollination occurred when the sperm and polar nuclei fused, whereas fertilization occurred upon fusion of the sperm and egg nuclei. B) Fertilization occurred when the pollen grain landed on the stigma of the neighboring flower, before the pollen tube germinated and extended down to the female gametophyte. C) Pollination occurred when the pollen landed on the stigma, and a fertilization event occurred upon fusion of sperm and polar nuclei. D) Pollination occurred when the egg and sperm nuclei fused, resulting in a diploid tissue that would eventually become nutritive tissue for the embryo. E) The entire process, from pollen landing on the stigma through to the fusion of male and female gametes, is considered fertilization 822 PM 1/23/2019


Question 4 (1 point) What endocnne event leads to ovulation in fermale mammals? A) A switch from negative to positive feedback in the regulation of luteinzing hormone (LH) by estrogen resulting in the LH surge B) The release of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) from the posterior pituitary C) Testosterone from the male entering the females ovary D) The release of high amounts of tollicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) from the anterior 11 12 14 15 pituitary 16 1718 E) A switch from positive to negative feedback in the regulation of luteinizing hormone (U.H) by estrogen resulting in a decrease in LH Question 5 (1 p A 123/2019 O Type here to search 2-in-1 Device 8 9 0 3 5


e Limit: 0:3000 Time Left:0:27:56 Michele Ngatchou: Attempt 1 Question 6 (1 point) Which of the following choices is NOT a factor that promotes oxygen binding to and dissociation from hemoglobin? A) number of red blood cells B) partial pressure of oxygen C) pH 10 11 12 D) partial pressure of carbon dioxide 13 1 | 14 | | 15 | E) temperature 16 17 18 Question 7 (1 point) Which characteristic would a biologist find most important in deciding which animals in a population are the most fit? The animai A) that lives the longest 824 PM 1/23/2019

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